Coonoor – On the Nilgiri Passenger to a Tranquil Hill Station Near Ooty

Coonoor is one of the three hill stations in the Nilgiris. The most famous of the three is Ooty, while Coonoor comes second in terms of popularity and Kotagiri third. Coonoor is the belt that is a hub for production of the Nilgiri tea. The vast stretches of private tea estates are truly mesmerising. The upper Coonoor offers a wide and panoramic view of the valley below and it makes it a must-visit place for those who travel to this region. Hotels in Coonoor with rates that suit different budget ranges are less crowded than the hotels in other places of the area. Usually Coonoor is preferred by those who come here with the intention of trekking further up into the Nilgiris. It is always good to visit a place that is less crowded as the cities and developing urban towns are already bustling with the influx of millions of people. Since Ooty is the largest hill station in the area, Coonoor is one place where you would find more quiet and tranquility without having to compromise about the magnificence of the surroundings or beauty of the place. Coonoor is preferred by those who like to spend some laidback holidays in the closeness of nature amidst the hills. The coffee and tea plantations, the workers who seem busy picking the leaves, and the slight mist in the air makes Coonoor a breathtaking charm of a place.

Places to see

Coonoor has a number of tourist sites. Dolphin’s Nose is a viewing point from which the entire valley can be seen. Since this spot is about 10 km away from the main town of Coonoor, it gives a wider view of the entire area. The magnificent Catherine falls can be seen from this point. Nearby there is a place called Lamb’s Rock which is a nice picnic spot right in the forests. This spot can also be seen on a rickshaw ride which is altogether more fun. Sim’s Park is a 12 hectare expanse of curated lawns and contains more than a thousand species of plants which are not just region, rather assorted from across the globe. It has magnolia, camellia, roses, ferns, etc. Sim’s Park was established in 1874. Buses plying to Kotagiri go through this route. There is a Pasteur Institute near the park. It was established in 1927. To take a look at the whole tea processing, you can visit the Guernsey Tea Factory.

How to reach

Coonoor is well connected to Bangalore, Coimbatore, and Mysore. The nearest airport is Coimbatore. Trains connect Coonoor to Ooty. There are hotels near Coonoor Railway Station and hence travellers find accommodation easily. The Nilgiri Passenger train which comes under the Nilgiri Mountain Railways as a World Heritage Site provides a great view of the entire passageway and the valleys around to the journeymen.


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