Dumbbell Exercises – Boon to build Muscles and Eliminate Extra Fat

Now you do not have to head towards the gym to burn fat. All you require to blast the fat away is using the set of dumbbells. There are individuals who think that dumbbells can help in building muscle but then a good set of dumbbells can build muscles while burn the calories to eliminate the unwanted fat from the body as well. When you lift up the dumbbells, the body keeps on working even when you have completed the workout session. If you really want to start your own fat loss session at home then grab the dumbbells to torch away the calories and fat.

List of exercises:

• Dumbbell squats: Hold the dumbbell straight down to your side and do the regular squats to squeeze your abs and glues to burn fat. Make use of your glutes, quads and hamstring to acquire the ideal body.

• Lying triceps extension: This exercise can be done by lying down on the weight bench or upon the floor. Hold the dumbbells above your chest in each hand with your palms facing upwards. Keep the shoulders in place and lower the pair of dumbbells back to your side of the head. Move back to the starting position.

• Walking lunges: Hold the dumbbells to your sides. Now, move forward into the lunge and bring your back leg forward, swinging in the lunging pattern. Continue the process as if you are walking and taking the lunge while indulging in giant steps.

• Dumbbell shoulder presses: Hold the dumbbell in each hand and put your hands at the height of the shoulder with the abs tight. Press the dumbbell over the head. Return to the shoulder height slowly.

• Dumbbell step-ups: Hold the dumbbell at your side in the curl position right in front of you and just step up on the lower bench and step with one foot. Bring your other leg up alongside. Hold this position for a few seconds and your lower back towards the floor. Do the sets with each of your legs.

• Chest press: Lie down on the workout bench and just hold the dumbbells above your chest with the palms facing towards the feet. Keep your feet flat upon the floor. Lower the dumbbells towards the chest while bending your elbows at the same time. Hold the position for some time and push the dumbbells back to the starting position while squeezing your chest muscles.

• Straight arm pullover: Lie down on the back on one end of your bench. Hold just one dumbbell with both the hands just above the chest area. Extend your arms and raise the dumbbell up until the arms are perpendicular to the ground. After a short pause, lower the dumbbell back.

Expert tips: 

• To get faster results from dumbbell exercises, add the burst of cardio in between. Run in the place itself, do jumping jacks and you can even use the stairs to make the heart beat even faster.

• Try and minimise your resting time. Rest for only 40-50 seconds.

• Try out combination exercises like you can do the dumbbell squat and the overhead dumbbell press together.


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