Enjoy your stay in the mystical Thailand

Thailand is a country that is famous all over the world as a great holiday destination and is popular for its ancient ruins and historical monuments as well as its gorgeous beaches. It is also home to several Buddhist temples, which will all be thoroughly covered in all the Thailand holiday tour packages your choose.

If you are visiting Thailand, do not miss out the Grand Palace Bangkok that has served as the royal residence of the Kings of Siam for a long time. It is a collection of buildings and the main palace is still the home to the present monarch. All the state functions and royal events take place in Grand Palace itself. It is situated on the banks of Chao Phraya river and one of its most prominent features is that instead of being a single structure, it consists of numerous pavilions, courtyards, halls and buildings. It is segmented into several quarters: the Outer Court, the Middle Court, the temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew) and the Siwalai Gardens Quarter. It is currently open partially as a museum but it still has several royal offices outside. The Wat Phra Kaew in the premises is regarded as the most sacred Buddhist temple of Thailand. The Emerald Buddha is a dark green statue carved from a single jade stone. You should also visit Wat Pho, which is a beautiful Buddhist temple just adjacent to the grand Palace premises. It is also called as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha and it is known to be the birthplace of traditional Thai massage.

If you are a nature lover, do not miss the Khao Yai National Park lying at the boundaries of Khorat Plateau. It is known for being the third largest park of Thailand and it includes lush green grasslands and forests. It is home to several rare varieties of plants and animals. This includes over 320 species of birds including coral-billed gibbon and red junglefowl, 3000 species of plants and around 66 species of mammals including Indian sambar deer, Asian black bear, wild pig, Asian elephants, and pig tailed macaque. It also boasts of its gorgeous waterfalls that are a famous tourist attraction. The names of the waterfalls are Heo Narok and Heo Suwat, and these claimed fame after featuring in movie The Beach.

This park was declared as an ASEAN Heritage Park in 1984, although later on in addition to several nearby parks in its range, it was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Golf courses are also present here. Although the average temperature of the park is close to room temperature, it has three prominent seasons. These include the Rainy season during monsoon months of May to October in the region, Winters during November to February and Summers during March and April months. This park is also famous among adventure lovers due to its exciting hiking trails. Night-time wildlife spotlighting is also an exciting activity here. Moreover there are a large number of Thailand hotels in the nearby region of the park. Most of these are luxury hotels and provide their guests with utmost comfort and facilities.

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