Protect your iphone Using Cases Covers

Mobile phone especially iPhones are very costly and utmost delicate, they are to be taken care of very much. So we need a super protected case to secure our phone from getting damaged. There are many online stores that sell cases-covers which are useful and funky. The rock ultra thin metal bumper is one of the iPhone cases covers one needs to have in their collection of elegant protective guards for iPhone.

The rock metal bumper is made from aviation aluminum alloy which is hard and tough to break. The cases-cover is ultra thin and ultra light which fits the best to your iphone and redefines its look. The hole for camera, flash and speakers are accurately given at the right position. There is disbelief that cases-cover obstructs signals but it doesn’t affect your signal strength. The arc edges and wrapped design gives comfortable feeling while holding it. The combo frame design secured with screws on four corners secures it tight and holds it rigid.

iphone Using Cases Covers

There is a protective screen of 0.25mm thick that protects the screen from scratches. This metal cases-cover is available by rock brand in EVO series and suits for iPhone 6. The product is a fashionable style and available in 4 colors. It is available in red, grey, gold and silver all of which looks great on iphone. This iPhone cases-cover gives all around protection and the screen guard protects the front and reverse of the phone.

The lining design with lint material fits the cell phone well and is also scratch resistant. The case looks exquisite and stylish due to sand blast oxidation done on the frame. It gives comfortable hand feeling due to the arc design made with high precision CNC technology. Unlike the other metal cases cover that makes your phone look bulky, this one is very thin and your phone looks beautiful.

It is fixed with screws on four corners and makes it secure tight to your phone. There are four extra screws provided with the pack in case you lose any one of screw. Don’t be in a misconception that the metal cases would weigh so much heavy. It is just 0.013kg and weighs about 0.110 kg with the packaging.

Each and every piece is thoroughly checked before item is shipped and defective piece is never our option. This product is available worldwide. The piece perfectly fits your set and 100% brand new with highest quality. The snap design is easy to fit and convenient to use. The button design presents the phone’s original hand feeling.

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